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    Tony Whittaker

    My bike tips the scales at 7.1kg I am hardly going to carry a Gold Sold Secure D shackle around with me. Not goingvto happen. Also I have heard the bikmo policy does not cover cosmetic damage. So why am I paying over £200 plus? Prob wont bother next year.

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    Keith Jones

    Hi Tony,

    We're not suggesting that you need to carry the lock around with you at all times; if you don't leave the bike unattended, there's no need to lock it...and you wouldn't get any Strava KOMs if you did!

    I'm not sure who you've been listening to either, but we do cover cosmetic damage within the accidental damage cover of your policy.

    If there's anything else you need clarifying, we're always on the end of an email or phone call.


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    Mark Elsdon

    I don’t think I have my receipt still
    For my locks but both are SOld Secure Silver rated. One I bought with the bike via my Cyclescheme and I picked up a second later on in a deal. I have one at home and one at work. Just need a small one that can be carried but still rated Silver so I can stop for a pint when I’m on a fun ride out.

    I think I included my lock in my policy - not sure I have photos uploaded on this policy or not. How do I find out as I’ve had this policy for awhile.

    The question id like to see made clear is what is the definition of an immovable object. I asked my previous insurer and they couldn’t decide. I bought an anchor bolt to fix to my breeze block garage wall so that I had an object to fix my local lock to. There were lots of discussions on what constitutes an acceptable brick or block material to fix the anchor to. I can't change the block work!

    Also, it wasn't clear how immoveable was deemed immoveable. With enough time and effort everything is moveable. These anchor blocks require tools to remove them from a wall. Whether that's using a lever to wrench it off the wall or finding a suitable Allen key to unscrew the anchor - I do not know if that is immoveable enough? The anchor company supply ball bearings that can if desired be hammered into the head of the fixing wall bolts. I really don't want to go that far in case I need to reposition at anytime in the future. Security is all about deterring and delaying theft. Not fully preventing it which is near impossible to a determined thief.

    Your thoughts on this would be appreciated and perhaps some photos of good examples on how to secure a bike outside and in a garage.

    Finally, I've a new bike that I need to insure. It's currently kept inside my house. If insure it and keep inside - is it insured if it'd not locked

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    Keith Jones

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the feedback. To answer all of your points, I've sent you an email directly.


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    scott davis

    Keith could you please send me a copy of the e mail you sent to Mark Elsdon .I have the same queries and would be grateful for some advise


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